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Houston Dental Implants Cost: The Ultimate Guide

Tooth loss is a major cosmetic issue for many people, and yet another way to maintain your smile. Dental implants may be an excellent solution because they provide strong support with little visibility of attachment points - giving you back what was lost!

What are dental implants and what do they cost on average in the United States?

Dental implants are a common dental procedure that people use to replace their lost teeth. The process involves implanting a titanium screw into the jawbone and then attaching a dental crown to the screw. This creates a tooth that looks and feels very similar to a real tooth. There are many benefits to dental implants, including that they are permanent, they can be made to match your existing teeth, and they do not require special care. In addition, dental implants can help to preserve the bone in your jaw and prevent future tooth loss.

Dental implants are a great way to complete your smile, but they can be quite costly. The cost of dental implants depends on a number of factors, including the number of implants needed, the complexity of the procedure, and the location of the dentist. In general, dental implants cost between $500 and $3,000 per tooth. However, some patients may need multiple implants, which can increase the cost significantly. In addition, the cost of dental implants may vary depending on the location of the dentist. Dentists in major cities tend to charge more for their services than those in smaller towns. As a result, patients considering dental implants should be prepared to pay a significant amount of money for their procedure.

Other Costs

An implant procedure is a complex undertaking that has 3 components to it:

  1. Implant Anchor

  2. Abutement

  3. Crown

Each one of these components has its own attached cost. Below, we have listed the average total cost of a total single tooth procedure in various neighborhoods in houston.


Single Dental Implant Cost





Texas City






How About Insurance?

Dental implants are considered a cosmetic procedure, and insurance companies will not cover the entire cost. However, depending on the situation, your company might pay for a portion of the dental implant. They are considered elective, or optional, procedures. Many insurance companies have policies that exclude or limit coverage for cosmetic procedures.

Some insurance companies might cover dental implants if they are needed to support a prosthetic device, such as a denture or bridge. In this case, the insurance company would likely only pay for the portion of the procedure that is considered medically necessary.

If you are considering dental implants, be sure to contact your insurance company to find out what coverage is available. You may also want to consider financing options to help cover the cost of this procedure.

Cheap Alternatives

Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a more permanent solution for tooth loss than dentures. However, many people may be tempted by advertisements for cheap implants, which can be found online or in dental offices. While it may be tempting to save money by getting implants from a less qualified provider, this is not advisable. Dental implants are a surgical procedure, and as such, should only be performed by a board-certified, experienced dentist. Anyone else who tries to perform the surgery could lead to damage to your teeth, gums, or jawbone. In addition, cheap implants may not be made of the same high-quality materials as those used by qualified dentists, and they may not last as long. For these reasons, it is best to avoid cheap implants and instead get them from a qualified dentist like the ones at Cham Dental Clinic.

Dental implants are a popular option for those who are missing teeth. They can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, and they look and feel like natural teeth. The cost of dental implants varies depending on where you live, but the average price in the United States can be anywhere between $500 and $3000. Insurance may cover some or all of the cost of an implant, so it’s important to check with your provider. Be wary of advertisements for low-cost implants; these procedures may not be done by a qualified dentist and could lead to serious health complications. If you’re considering dental implants, contact our office today to schedule a consultation. Learn more about how Cham Dental is a premier provider of implant here. We can help you navigate the cost and find the best solution for your needs.

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