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  • Razan M.

Swipe Right For That Dream Smile! 👉⭐

This patient had very healthy teeth but was unhappy with the spaces between teeth #8 and #9. A Smile Transitions appliance was recommended to help give the patient a preview of how his smile could be changed by eliminating the gap.

#SmileTransitions is an affordable cosmetic appliance that instantly transforms a patient’s smile. It can be worn while eating or drinking and easily slips on over pretreated dentition without requiring preparation or cementation. This durable yet flexible appliance offers cost-conscious patients an immediate treatment alternative while helping them visualize how the final restoration will create a new look.

Give us a call today to see if you are a candidate for Smile Transitions! Our office number is (346) 718-2188. We look forward to helping you achieve your perfect smile today!

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